Far North Fiberglass - Whitehorse, Yukon

Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

    Whether you require custom fibreglass fabrication, boat repair, duplication of replacement RV or bus panels, live stock watering troughs, huge insulated tanks or virtually anything else made of fibreglass, we can fill your order. As well as the RTS bus panels, tubs and troughs, manhole covers, and storage tanks shown on this page, our high-quality custom work includes products as varied as replica rocks and The Ultimate Moose Call.

RTS Bus Panels

All types of panels can be fabricated. Dealer enquiries are invited.

Custom fiberglass panel fabrication Custom fiberglass panel fabrication

Ponds, Bathtubs, Troughs, etc.

Custom fiberglass ponds, troughs and bathtubs

    Available in all shapes and sizes, the many uses for our line of custom fabricated tubs and troughs is only limited by your imagination. Backyard fish pond, livestock watering troughs, greenhouse tubs, etc. Another environment-friendly product from Far North Fiberglass.

Frost Protector Manhole Covers

Frost-plugs Manhole Covers Frost-plugs Manhole Covers

    At long last, a frost protector truly built for northern climates - and it is repairable. Made of strong, durable, reinforced fiberglass, and like all of our products they carry a 1 year limited warranty.

Custom Storage Tanks:

Above Ground Liquid Storage Systems

    We manufacture a complete line of standard size above ground storage tanks. We also custom manufacture tanks to satisfy your special needs. All potable water tank interiors are gel-coated to ensure optimum performance of your water system.

Custom Water and Septic Tanks Custom Fiberglass Storage Tanks
Custom Storage Tanks Custom Fiberglass Water and Septic Tanks

Insulated Storage Tanks

    All tanks manufactured by Far North Fiberglass can be insulated for use in any climate where freezing may be a problem. Our insulated tank program has a proven track record of success. Insulated septic, sewage and potable water holding tanks of all sizes are in use in many northern communities. Insulation is available on above ground, below ground systems, and on high or low profile tanks.

Custom Storage Tanks Custom Storage Tanks

Reinforced Customized Storage Tanks

We custom build burial tanks and above-ground storage tanks of all types and sizes. Our low profile tanks are perfect for locations such as residential crawl spaces where headroom is limited.
Custom Reinforced Storage Tanks Custom Reinforced Storage Tanks

Oversized, Water, & Sewer Storage Tanks

    Custom fabricated, over-sized tanks are a specialty. Many of our large tanks are in use in rural Yukon communities. These tanks are ideally suited for locations where frequent pump-out is not an option, or is too expensive.

Oversized, Water, & Sewer Storage Tanks