Far North Fiberglass - Whitehorse, Yukon

Outhouse Toilet Pedestals / Toilet Cones

Outdoor Toilet Pedestal Outdoor Toilet Pedestal 2     Guaranteed to make you popular with your campground visitors or your work crew. Our outhouse toilet pedestal is available in both standard and handicapped heights, and can be fitted with the toilet seat of your choice.

    Far North's fibreglass outhouse toilet pedestals are hand crafted using the hand lay up method to ensure uniform thicknesses and high quality workmanship. The gel coat exterior surface ensures the easiest clean up and best longevity available in outdoor pedestals today. These units are ideal for replacement or new installations and are backed by a 1 year written warranty.

    This is one of those products that has a wide variety of names, but whether you're looking for a toilet cone or toilet pedestal made of fiberglass, fibreglass or Fibreglas for the restroom, outhouse, waterless toilet, biffy, loo or long drop at your RV park, campground, rest stop, cabin or wilderness camp or lodge, you've come to the right place!

    Custom configurations can be designed and fabricated, and dealer inquiries are invited.

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Standard configuration - 14" height with bottom flange: $155.00
18" height, bottom flange: $175.00

14" height, centre throat: $180.00.
18" height, centre throat: $195.00

14" height, without bottom flange: $120.00
18" height, without bottom flange: $130.00

Cross bars: $17.50

All prices are in US dollars. Freight is not included in those prices.

Outdoor Toilet Pedestal Outdoor Toilet Pedestal 2